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She is definitely can be the next Lady Gaga, much prettier though. Love her confidence lol
— Troy Carter
“The main thing about Ms Voice she is a great self promoter and she doesn’t give a f... about other’s opinion. She reminds me myself when I came to NY, small tiny girl with big ambitions”
— Madonna
“It’s something new that will take America by storm”
— Rolling Stones
I never saw anybody so persistent and confident. She just literally jumped on me in the club and gave me her CD
— Justin Timberlake
Let’s get real. There are a lot of amazing voices all over the World and talented musicians. If you think this is important for being famous, you’re misled
— Jimmy Iovine
I don’t think she is the best (as she describes herself), but she has something that other musicians don’t. I would say she is like a fresh air in the musty room.
— Guy Oseary